Fozdar Products

Industrial Coatings & Powder Coatings Manufacturing

Vertically integrated proprietary production process.

Specializing in premium coating applications and custom formulation services for specific, functional needs.


We pride our selves on quality

With over 59 years of industry experience, Fozdar Products has always strived to provide quality industry-specific formulas.

We focus on product safety

All of our products are expertly formulated for quality, safety & regulatory compliance. Our food-grade products are also FDA certified.

We consider manufacturing an artform

Our roots go back to 1961 when Mr. Siddharth Fozdar founded Fozdar Products after completing his Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Michign, USA.

We are customer centric

We are your formulation partner. Which is why we believe in working directly with our customers to find or develop quality solutions.