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Coatings for automotive parts & components

Fozdar Products provides aesthetics and durability solutions for all interior & exterior surfaces. This includes parts and components which are coated off-line and assembled after car body is painted. These parts and components come in a variety of substrates from thermoplastic, composites, cast iron, mild steel and galvanized steel to aluminum. Fozdar Products’ technical team works closely with automotive OEM part manufacturers and Tier 1 approved suppliers to design unique solutions for their specific needs – including aesthetics (color, gloss, surface finish), durability & performance.


 Types of products available


  • Pretreatments, adhesion promoters and engineered products
    • Metabrite - 3 in 1 cleaning/pretreatment & conversion coating
    • Adhesion promoters for thermoplastic polyolefins – PP, PE fiber reinforced polyolefins
  • Solventborne & Waterborne liquid coatings, primers & surfacers.
    • Casting sealers
    • Corrosion resistant coatings
    • Automotive primers for different substrates including cast iron, mild steel, aluminum and galvanized steel.
    • High temperature resistant coatings
    • Soft touch coatings for automotive interior
    • Antifriction coatings for variety of applications
    • Automotive refinish
  • Powder coatings for metal & composites.
    • Corrosion resistant powder coatings
    • Abrasion resistant powder coatings
    • Low temperature cure powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates – I.e. plastic composites, fiber reinforced composites etc.
    • Typical applications include
      • Wheel rims & hubcaps
      • Engine Covers
      • Drive Shafts
      • Oil pans & Oil Covers
      • Prop shafts & Drive Lines
      • Springs & Splines
      • Bolts & Frames