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Durastove Stoving Enamel

Durastove stoving enamels are high performance functional coatings which perform in most demanding weather conditions for most industrial applications. Fozdar Products is dedicated to offering a diverse line of coatings to meet all industry needs. Most products are available as interior or exterior finishes, complemented with full line of pretreatments and reducers. Our technical department can work with you to impart any functional attributes based on your needs. I.e. Abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, weather, corrosion & moisture resistance as well as flexibility and adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Available in wide range of colours and gloss levels.


  • 1K Alkyd-Amino
  • 1K Polyester-Melamine
  • 1K Acrylic-Melamine
  • 1K Polyurethane (Polyester/Isocyanate)
  • 1K Polyurethane (Acrylic/Isocyanate)


  • Pump Industry
  • Automotive
  • General Purpose Industrial
  • ACE (Agricultural, Construction & Earthmoving equipment)
  • Heavy Duty Maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Furniture