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Powder Coatings Ultracure

Ultracure Powder Coatings

Ultracure powder coatings are tough, durable and more importantly eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid coatings. They offer superior performance in terms of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, film integrity and overall better durability and performance than conventional paints and coatings, depending on the chemistry. They are also available in special effects such as hammertone, structure, texture, smooth, wide range of gloss levels – high gloss to dead matte.


  1. Pure Epoxy
  2. Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid
  3. Pure Polyester TGIC
  4. Pure Polyester Primid
  5. Superdurable Polyester
  6. Superdurable Fluoroureathane
  7. Silicone

Specialty Application

  1. Low temperature cure powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates such as plastics, composites, wood, MDF, fiberglass, fiber reinforced plastics, carbon fiber etc.
  2. FDA CFR21 175.300 Compliant powder coatings
  3. Anti-graffiti powder coatings
  4. Fire retardant powder coatings
  5. Anti-microbial powder coatings
  6. High temperature resistant powder coatings
  7. UV curable powder coatings